The Georgia Jet District is an Spontanious-experimental -Comedy-acoustic act that Skylah Pendall briefly played with in 2005.


  • Ed Burton - Vocals / Guitar
  • Skyy Pendall - Vocals / Guitar


One day in conversation, Skylah mentioned how that despite being friends with Ed for a really long time (since age 5) and both having a keen interest in music, they had never been in a band together. The duo decided to make a band right then. To create a band name they each picked a word each and then randomly found something in the dictionary. (Sky: Georgia Ed:District Dictionary:District) After that they tuned their guitars to "a really weird tuning" and started to write songs about stuff they saw. They never released an album or recorded any songs (besides Emo Kidz but every written song was logged in the black book). During that faithful night they played three shows, one to some angry heckling kids, another to a group of people on a beach that had started a fire and lastly to a guy that invited them back to his van with the promise of free acid (which Skylah was wary about).