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The First Live Show took place on December 11th 2011 at The Echo, Los Angeles, CA two days before Go:Eskimo formed.

During the show there was a box that had 100 assorted Go:Eskimo laser rings (Red, Blue, Green, White, Purple) and free Pokémon cards.

Set ListEdit

  • "Bold Faced Lies From Bold Faced Guys"
  • "She Sells Sea Shells"
  • "Given The Circumstances I Doubt We Could Ever Meet Again
  • "Megamandem (Ha! The Only Thing That Gives Me Cavities Is Dynamite!"
  • "The Castevania Song" (Silkbags & Graveyard Ducks)
  • "Bold Faced Lies, From Bold Faced Guys" (Encore)

Equiptment usedEdit



  • Despite being a Go:Eskimo show, Sean was present and helped by giving out laser rings, pokemon cards and Played The Big Destroy'O .