The Ecco the Dolphin Song
was a song by Go:Eskimo originally planned to be on Condom:Squid but was later abandoned despite being Skylah's "proudest song" it was later however reworked into "Confetti In One Hand, Dragon Daggers (P++) In The Other".


"Take me through the tides

Take me to your time

so the sea's can rise

So the seed can rise x 4"


  • "Ecco The Dolphin: The Tides Of Time" is one of Skylah's favorite games, apparently the story touched him as a child and what made him interested in the concept of time travel, stating that he probably only likes "Back To The Future" and "Quantum Leap" due to "Ecco"
  • Skylah has said that he wanted to make a full song on Ecco but expressing that he couldn't do it the justice it deserves
  • A full 4 minute version of Ecco exists but only 3 people including Skylah have heard it
  • Supposedly the song has been chopped into pieces and everything has been reused elsewhere, some parts are even rumoured to make an appearance on The Earthbound EP.