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The BIG Destroy'O

The BIG Destroy'O (Sometimes called the Frequency Fucker) is an NES Modulated guitar/synth instrument made by Sean Tyrrell used at many Go:Eskimo and Sea Anemone See's An Enemy (SASAE) shows.


  • Built in wireless pack
  • Pitch/Glide knob
  • Panning switch (Hard left, Center and Hard right only)
  • All 12 possible notes with an octave switcher
  • Speed and depth knobs
  • Wave settings/Cross mod/ring mod (Square, Triangle, Saw, SawSquare, SquareSaw, SawTriangle Square Triangle, Sine, Cosine)
  • Trigger hold keys
  • Cutoff and resonance knobs
  • Oscillator edit 1 knob + Oscillator edit 2 knob
  • Motion sequencer
  • Led lights under all buttons
  • removable FX panel on the face backside with Reverb, HPF, LPF, EQ, Decimator, Distortion, Compressor, Pitch Shifter, Talking Mod, Ring Mod, Phaser, CHO/FLG, Grain sHIFTER, mOD delay, Short Delay, BPM Sync Delay.
  • Dolphin and Snow Storm finish


  • The BIG Destroy'O is made from a Guitar Hero guitar, however only the shell remains as all insides have been removed and replaced.