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The front page of the Super Awsum Clothing website.

Super Awsum Clothing is a clothing company run by Sean Tyyrell started in 2011.

It's made up of artists all over the world, specialising in many vast styles.

Aswell as providing apparell Super Awsum Clothing also handle a commision process where you can get a custom design for anything from artists.


Sean "Sharky: Tyyrell - Graphics, Priniting, Constructor, Stenciler.

Adam Stokes - Realism, Dark art, Portraits, Sick Deathcore art

Amanda Terragnoli - Abstract, Realism, Cartoon, Stitching, Hat maker

Camille Flavell - Anime/Manga illustrator


  • Super Awsum Clothing has had many name changes, including "Stop Mauling My Kids (SMMK)" "Super Awsome Super Awesome Everyday (SASAE)

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