KlearBlueSkin was a band Skylah joined after moving schools and was his first "real" band


Before Skylah joined, the band was somewhat known within the school, playing live shows often and winning a few talent contests, once getting into local newspapers. The name apparently comes from something Jack thought of whilst watching a documentary, in said documentary there was a part about dead bodies and how their skin would become a "clear blue" color some time after death. In 2004 Skylah moved from a school L.A to The quieter El Camino high and would often quietly scream to himself, once a few friends of the band heard this, Skylah was asked to join the band. Later the band would become AngelFire


  • Jack Forrd - Lead Vocals/Guitar
  • Skylah Pendall - Screamed Vocals
  • Sam Mewett - Lead Guitar
  • Scott Lewis - Lead Bass
  • Scott Burchell - Rhythm Bass
  • Joe Green - Drums