The Great Nessaphile himself.

What is Go:Eskimo?

Go:Eskimo is the majestic love-child of Skylah Pendall forming in December 2011 due to a friend needing another band for a show otherwise it would be cancelled, In those two days [Skylah] had written 5 songs and was ready to perform.

Combining noise/grind with Nintendo-inspired music, Go:Eskimo prides itself on breaking down useless barriers and walls that genres create; trying to attempt something new and fresh into every jam, regardless of the outcome, the intentions are always there from the outset.

The name "Go:Eskimo" dervives from the shortest possible sentence "Go" and Skylah's first memory, which was being inside an igloo at a day care.

Releases And Scheduled Releases


Year Album Name info
2012 Chipham/For Nic(The Longest Day EP) A gift album for Nic Cunningham of Protoflight.

Split Releases

Year Album Name Song
2012 The Darkest Hallows Compliation Track 13 - Confetti In One Hand, Dragon Daggers (P++) In The Other (LIVE Feat Monomate)

Scheduled Releases

Year Album Name Info
??? MonPoké EP Pokemon Concept Album
??? Condom:Squid Go:Eskimo's main focus.
??? Earthbound EP Earthbound Concept Album
??? The Mystical Forest Zone ???

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