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The Earthbound E.P is an EP by Go:Eskimo, there's no set release date as of yet but it is apparently being worked on alongside Condom:Squid .

Skylah has said on many occations that Earthbound was his favorite game growing up, according to sources the album is set to have over 20 tracks.

Track ListingEdit

The tracks that have been confirmed are

  • One Fateful Night
  • Onett (Note that this is a different song to the old Onett Song)
  • Twoson
  • The Iron Pencil
  • Happy Happy Village
  • Return To Twoson/Runaway 5
  • The Threed Song
  • The Winters Song
  • The Saturn Valley Song
  • The Behind Grapefruit Falls/Master Belch Song
  • The Dusty Dunes Desert Song
  • The Fourside Song
  • The Department Store Sppok Song
  • The Moonside Song
  • The Monkey Caves / Monotoli:48th Floor Song
  • The Summers Song
  • The Dalaam Song
  • The Toto Song
  • The Scaraba Song
  • The Dungeon Man Song
  • The Deep Darkness Song
  • The Magicant Song
  • The Your Sanctuary Guardians Song
  • The Giygas Song

Other SongsEdit

Other song demos that havn't been released yet or not confirmed to be on the EP