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Condom:Squid (A.K.A Grand Battle 2.0) is set to be the first album by Go:Eskimo, the album's original release date was August 2012 but due to desiring a less limiting aesthetic it was postponed.

The album first entered work during the end of 2011 and has been worked on ever since, going through many changes.

Not much is known about the tracks on the album


Scrapped/Abandoned TracksEdit



  • Skylah Pendall - Vocals, Lyrics, programming, sequencing,

Additional Musicians

  • Peter Bunke - Guitars, additional synth, bass
  • Daniel Strauss - Guitars, synth, drums, bass
  • Shane Mesa - Synth, composition, drums


  • Daniel Strauss - Producer, Engineer
  • Peter Bunke - Assistant Engineer
  • Thommy Fanke - Illustation, design